Hollywood - Letter To My Enemies

Born and bred in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida, Cedrick Evans (better known as HOLLYWOOD) was destined to be in the spotlight. Growing up, Hollywood experienced the harsh realities of living in a tough area. His neighborhood is notorious for being a stomping ground for drug cartels, murders and violence. Being the fifth child of a single mother with a history of drug abuse and an absent father, Hollywood spent lot of time with his grandparents who instilled hard work, morals, and values within him. However, at the same time when he step foot out his grandparents home into the streets, he was faced with a different learning environment, the street life. Throughout his life, he constantly battled between living a “legit” life and the street life. He was aware of the perks of living the legit life however I could never deny his foundation and street mentality. For the past year, Hollywood has been dabbling back in rapping; featuring on a few of his friends songs here and there. But during this time he rediscovered his talent for rapping and developed a passion for his art. With his impeccable wordplay, creative phrases and story-telling way of delivering raps; Hollywood is sure to blow. His lyrics captures the listeners in a way that will make you think, cry, and laugh at the same time. With his own style of delivery, Hollywood is sure to satisfy. His highly anticipated mix tape letter to my enemies is set to release late January 2014 and with songs like, “Scarface”, “Struggle”, and “Dope”; Hollywood is sure to be the next big thing.!

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