TMWK x Zee Reach x Zaiio - WTFUT

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Since his arrival in France at the age of 15, after escaping the Italian Mafia, TMWK (Tomahawk) remains in the shadows for over 10 years to scratch on Hip hop beats and produce Trap Music. He perfected his technique and his musical brands seeking until he meets Zee Reach at a private party with whom he sympathize and within a few days, the pair already begin to talk about an EP in collaboration. TMWK product full of sounds and leading the way while Zee reach reworks sounds and adds a personal touch. He also offer to Zaiio (UK) to rap on one of the three tracks to give a whole new dimension to their music, which she accepted. Thus, TMWK gives us here his first Trap EP with lasers, big keyboard, brass and bass as we love! So WTFUT?

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