Trap Music: Million Dollar Kidd Edition (Hosted By Jose Guapo)


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4:40 PM September 10, 2015 jarmal23 via Mobile:

**** the lames
10:46 AM January 30, 2014 ilijackaric said:

this is music
7:12 AM January 29, 2014 cuzzkilla via Mobile:

Ay guap im playin ya **** out in dallas famo . #fukdarapgame
6:57 PM January 28, 2014 DaDopeMane said:

#16!! this dude sounds like old school memphis to me , like some scan man **** , this **** get me crunk in the gym
4:44 PM January 28, 2014 MedicatedDrums said:

@Chilly beatz **** crazy i got a couple placements with guapo tho but i fuccs with longway music hard
1:15 PM January 28, 2014 cuzzkilla via Mobile:

Rip to doe b nd muuhhchoo
11:59 AM January 28, 2014 Chilly_beatz said:

for the record rich the kid is a perfect example of a swagger jacker that nigga took migos whole swag an he definetly wasn't relavant b4 he jacked ther swag smh these niggas crazy
11:57 AM January 28, 2014 Chilly_beatz said:

lol medicationdrums that true for real jose guapo jacked longways swag even his beard lol.he sound good doe..but that bein under mpa mpa/longway longway