#SelfSaloet: 1

30 January will see the release of #SELFSALOET's first internationally distributed compilation. In collaboration with local Capetonian arts initiatives 49 Others and ItsNotPhair Photography, the two man crew behind Self Saloet [Big Gay Rainbow & The Ded C] have compiled a collection of songs by some of Cape Town's most talented up and coming electronic music producers. The compilation itself will be released on one of the world's largest, and most popular free-to-download electronic music distributors: ClubTapes.com. The artists featured on the compilation include producers that have made a name for themselves in their own right and have proven their readiness and capability to be showcased at an international level. Artists featured on the compilation include: JYD, Big Gay Rainbow, The Ded C, $emel, Beardur, Terrasoul, Sumo Jac and Harvey Dent. WHAT IS SELF SALOET? Self Saloet began as a ghetto bass initiative but quickly evolved to become a collective through which artists ranging from electronic music producers, photographers, graphic designers and filmmakers can establish a network for themselves. Self Saloet does this mainly through parties, events and music releases. Self Saloet prides itself on its non-exclusivity but also emphasises the need for quality in artistic output. Each artist on the compilation was invited to take part based on talent but also on a visible trend of quality in their musical output, and we partnered with 49 Others and ItsNotPhair based on the visible positive reactions each artist has received. THE DED C & BIG GAY RAINBOW Big Gay Rainbow and The Ded C [real names Wilton Schereka and Andriques Ché Petersen] started Self Saloet as a means to share their own small but significant successes with Djs and producers at their own level: young guns hungry for bigger things, often frustrated with the way the local music industry works. Through sharing their own respective connections and knowledge of music and the music industry, they have amassed a significant network to share with up and coming musicians and artists. #SELFSALOET: 1 came about by a fortunate turn of events, and quickly became the ideal opportunity to showcase Cape Town's often overlooked talent to the world. This is only the first of a series of compilations to be released in collaboration with ClubTapes.com.

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