Swoops x Bricks - HoodSum

'Hoodsum' is the highly anticipated collaborative between the two trap lords BRIcK5 & Swoops of the notorious 'Dream Brigade'. Swoops fresh from the ashes of the infamous 'Forty Oz' & BRIcK5 hard at work on his solo debut the collaboration had been long overdue. When they got to work finally they realized they had a lot more in common then what meets the eye. They both came from the streets of LA with similar backgrounds. Different areas different skin colors but the same ideals. The combination meant a bit more to them. It was more then music. It was a sum of society. What came from they're hoods they're streets in Los Angeles in its purest form. They set out to make music that would break barriers. Music that would be accepted and heard thru festival & club speakers, to the boom boxes & car speakers in a hood near you. They set out to invoke the spirit of EDM with the rawness of the streets and with that the birth and reign of 'Hoodsum' had begun. The brothers decided to put they're solo endeavors aside for the greater good. What transpired from these sessions is the future of Trap and Bass to come. This is the first in the saga. The first EP of many to come. These 6 gut wrenching trunk rattling 808 bass bangers are where it all began. Trap infused with everything from Hardstyle House to Miami Bass. Presented proudly from the streets of Los Angeles, Clubtapes, LiveMixtapes, Trill HD and brought to you by the Blasted LA family to you and yours.

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