The Record Breaker 5

Cool Running DJS / Don Logan DJs has been known to rock crowds and break records in his hometown of Jacksonville. Bringing his talents to live mixtapes, we present you Record Breaker vol 5.

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11:13 AM June 9, 2014 LasVegasMays said:

Tuff tape Smack!! Balize is the next up for real.
6:33 AM March 5, 2014 mustalove said:

Thumbed this up and glad to see him doing it big the documentary was sick too!
6:30 AM March 5, 2014 christophergibson633 said:

turntup and on loud in the AM
6:28 AM March 5, 2014 lonef said:

Knew this mixtape would be banging. Alll I need to say is The D.J. SmackSilly Certified Radio Show! That says it all!
6:26 AM March 5, 2014 ptliss said:

ya'll took over Jacksonville in the video., so dope!! Smack and MMG is official.
6:24 AM March 5, 2014 treseutuo said:

6:23 AM March 5, 2014 lisainfull said:

The Record Breaker 5 is on point. I cant get through the first couple of joints without rewinding.SMDH
6:22 AM March 5, 2014 michaelperr said:

Anthony Williams is that nigga! Keep doing ur thang brah

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