Chris The Skytrotter - Which Way Is Up

Based on an average young black male trying to find himself through trials and tribulations. Facing adversity, peer pressure, family issues, drugs and alcohol, and the struggle. "Which Way Is Up", is about freeing your mind and showing that the struggle can be as beautiful as you make it, the come-up. Facing adversity builds character, transitioning from a boy to a man.

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9:02 PM April 22, 2015 robpresident20 via Mobile:

Wavey mixtape
1:29 PM February 25, 2014 Junkiemane via Mobile:

Good sound, true lyrics. Holding it down for the ville, looking foward to the next tape
10:15 PM February 14, 2014 DJELPLAGA said:

never just annoyed by kids
2:36 AM February 12, 2014 jetlifers said:

lol dj plaga u mad or na?
9:40 PM February 10, 2014 DJELPLAGA via Mobile:

I am Fiend official dj so I am jetlife ...jetlifer .. and get a life 1017 hoe
3:48 AM February 10, 2014 jetlifers said:

ppl barely know u. why u let them djs **** ur **** up....
2:20 AM February 10, 2014 DJELPLAGA via Mobile:

1017 gay *** on every tape hating I damn near feel like his job is to hate.
9:13 PM February 9, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

ohhhhhhhhhh, mom original