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Bandit Gang Marco - Learned From My Mistakes

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Score: 681
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Uploaded 02/14/2014
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8:41 PM October 3, 2014 I_N_V said:

this need to be mixed or some **** asap. some good tracks though
10:53 PM May 12, 2014 jtanasia98 via Mobile:

Espically @tay0719
10:53 PM May 12, 2014 jtanasia98 via Mobile:

This is Baee!!! So who ever don't like him why the **** is you under HIS mix tape!! Like hoes are you mad cause you not like him!!!! Go jump off a ****ing cliff and who ever else hating!!
5:37 PM April 1, 2014 anjenecia913 via Mobile:

Love it!
8:06 PM March 31, 2014 tay0719 via Mobile:

@keesha ***** u sound like a groupie. Probably aint even married. Dumb hoe
7:27 PM March 31, 2014 tay0719 said:

suck a ****, aint nobody making a big deal off of ****..niggas need to be original...silly *** monkey nigga. facts is facts.
2:58 PM March 31, 2014 1017quill said:

jseay027 shut yo b**** made a** up ho*
11:12 AM March 20, 2014 marquezG via Mobile:

Im ****ing with Marco fwm on a hook got $1200 for ya..