Lil Wayne - Mardi Gras

DJs: DJ Cinema
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2:04 PM October 6, 2017 evilevie via iOS App:

To find A tape with various artists and that was called Crunk. It had tons of great music on it and I lost it. If anyone knows how I can get a second copy of that please let me know thanks
3:15 PM December 12, 2015 tricsta via iOS App:

11:50 PM September 10, 2015 MsNeverStunner via iOS App:

Nice muzic
12:12 AM March 16, 2015 martyj1 via Mobile:

**** dem.BG n turk n juve my niggaz doe
1:35 AM March 1, 2014 durtync via Mobile:

Nymfos is the ****!!
2:01 PM July 22, 2013 tmanne101 said:

come on man
2:01 PM July 22, 2013 tmanne101 said:

i'm tryna get dopwn with 1017 cashmoney and blood
2:00 PM July 22, 2013 tmanne101 said:

we be forgettin about wayne! man wayne why we wanna rap in the first place!1 hahah get it