Theodore Grams - Sixtus

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12:50 AM February 21, 2014 bugsyal said:

cover art made me download...nice tape bro, fire beats
1:40 PM February 20, 2014 X4Y said:

this drop nice tho, niggas hatin but yall aint droppin no mixtapes so if you dont **** with it dont **** with it quit all that dissin **** niggas hella lame
4:33 PM February 17, 2014 igotsomany said:

his beats are fire though lol
11:05 AM February 17, 2014 cno2828 said:

cool cover art tho
10:56 AM February 17, 2014 cno2828 said:

Thats why his score is so high right
10:56 AM February 17, 2014 cno2828 said:

hahahahaha cpme one man. The God of Music??
10:40 PM February 16, 2014 wsgfalife said:

@jetlifers **** u ***** *** nigga this nigga the god of music right now **** u lame *** haters come slide up phillly and holla at me i will clap ya *****e *** wsgfalife
10:47 AM February 16, 2014 jetlifers said:

Duck out of here with that six shot nobody cares it nobody duck you try a start a bus off this illuminati **** lame as nigga

The download will start in seconds