BDotLee - The Evolution

The Evolution: Growth, development, and maturity has provided the concept for this project. The Evolution is a testament of how life forces people to evolve, as an artist's music should also. BDOTLEE's message of evolution reoccurs throughout this free album. With a jazzy, soulful, true hip hop feel, The Evolution is sure to take you on a ride through reality, what drives her, and what keeps her focused on the ultimate goal to be a voice in Hip-Hop.

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12:00 PM April 4, 2014 realtalk2005 said:

Dj was not stale to me i mean this sounds like an album in my mind he let the artist be heard more them him Stop looking for flaws an respect the dj an the artist
5:57 PM March 26, 2014 nshuman1 said:

would have +'ed it but the dj nigga was stale to me so i go undecided. Agree with freshrocka23, #1 do is so-so. nice flow from homechick tho.
6:27 PM March 3, 2014 omekoharris said:

Couple tracks are ok.
10:29 AM March 3, 2014 tamtam256 said:

How can you say this is Dry? Damn she must have some serious haters This is a good project
8:13 PM March 1, 2014 freshrocka23 said:

I like #1, rest of this **** bunk.
4:44 PM March 1, 2014 Missdoright35 said:

Respect the female artist really spittin real ****! +1 Texas Feeling this
3:00 AM March 1, 2014 bugmenot said:

6:56 PM February 28, 2014 Blood_Diamond420 said:

Ummm, ill pass on this, no thanks.....