Dizzy Bell - Nympho/Encounter

Dizzy Bell's career began almost a decade ago as a Resident DJ at Vienna's infamous Dub Club. Early on he was noticed and brought under the mentorship of Barefoot creator Stereotyp who helped him learn more about production techniques. Indeed his first batch of tunes was released under Stereotype's brilliant and ground-breaking Crunchtime label. As he places greater emphasis on producing more in his own style, he feels that Generation Bass is the perfect outlet to allow him to make a small and temporary departure for this great release. The Big Room Bass of 'Nympho' is a mixture of old school Hip-Hop sounds, a short but remarkable hook line as well as an Electro-ish drop that can work in clubs and festivals alike. 'Nympho' is an amalgamation that consists of everything that has influenced Dizzy in the past and present. 'Nympho' is classic dizzy bell so to speak! 'Trouble Child' is a track by Al Koleon, a Hip-Hop tune that he stumbled across a few months back. Dizzy was pretty surprised when a friend showed him a vocal sample cd with the parts of the rap of this track on it. On his version, Dizzy had originally intended to use the vocals as a placeholder for the tune for another artist but the more he worked on the tune the more he wanted to keep them on it because he thought they fitted perfectly, even though the tune had already existed. So you could say that 'Encounter' is kind of his interpretation of Al Koleon. Dizzy rarely uses sounds from sample cd's because he thinks that it prevents producers from being unique and original and far from finding their own sound. However, in this case he's quite happy to make an exception for this tune.

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