Gabriel Rowano - Lento y Duro Remixes EP

DJs: Dubco
The timeliness of Gabriel Rowano's Lento y Duro Remixes EP cannot be understated, as we find ourselves in the midst of an exciting and innovative time in the world of tropical bass. The rising producer from the Netherlands has compiled an impressive collection of talent in an album that effortlessly blends sounds and genres across the broad spectrum of global bass. If the original mix has to fall under a genre, Rowano insists it be called 'lento', a genre he describes as drawing influences from zouk bass and reggaeton. His VIP, the Insane Fennel remix, and the Bubbleheads remix each toy around with the zouk/sub-midtempo sound of the original in creative and diverse ways. Reptillian Commander offers an 808 heavy flip that features impressive variations on the signature synth that is prominent in each track on the record, before surprising you with the second drop. Despite definite house influences, Caballo's remix is impossible to pigeonholed, with a truly unique work that instead uses a pitch shifting vocal sample to drive the track. Cafe de Calaveras is a name to watch out for, especially after this minimal kuduro inspired rework of the OG. The record is constantly dancing between half and double time drum patterns that its highlight the fantastic percussion work. The Lento y Duro Remixes EP is a testament to the unprecedented speed at which the tropical bass genre is growing laterally as well as vertically.

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