Nico Fazio - Recreate Beat Tape

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16 year old producer for Pro Era, Astronomical Kid, KR, Lurkevalli & more. This is my second beat tape, entitled 'Recreate', only using sampled beats. 'Recreate' releases March 5th & features co production from Taleil Brown, Sur Niles, and Seedafuture. Varied styles and vibes, friendly to rap over. Artists: Feel free to send me any tracks you've made with these beats here;

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11:04 AM March 28, 2014 tillamonsta said:

16 years old?? Keep it up youngin, the future is bright. Nice tape!
6:21 PM March 7, 2014 yungdreTGOD said:

Real nice smooth production man keep at it
4:28 PM March 6, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said: