Muzi - Fire Up The Bongo EP

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Muzi is a young kid from the Empangeni Township in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. A place from horror stories. Literally. For nearly a year in 1983 and 1984, the town was terrorized by 35-year-old Simon Mpungose, who was called the Hammer Man because he would break into homes in the dead of night and kill the occupants with a hammer before robbing them of their money and jewels. It's a place like so many in South Africa, where violence rules the streets. Why does that matter? Because every inch of that violence can be felt in this release. This is electronic music at its most bombastic and energetic. Generation Bass is proud that we are allowed to present this gem by such a young and talented producer to the world.

When he was thirteen Muzi started making tunes on his brother's crappy old PC with 128meg of RAM, using software like EJay, Reason 1, or Cubase 1, which his brother's friends had installed on the machine. He would spend days sitting in his yard in Empangeni, trying to make beats that sounded exactly as they did in his head. He knew what that shit should sound like. The trick was getting it into reality; making it manifest in the ether. Muzi grew up in this township, where kids either played basketball, netball, soccer, or stayed at home. Rolling through all of this was Muzi on a skateboard, at a time when no-one skated in the townships, and making an early form of the music he makes now in his room. He was an outcast from the get-go. Spin the dial forwards a decade and most kids in the township have skateboards, swag, trying hard to do their own thing, make their own music. They've caught up. But Muzi has moved on.

This six track EP is a testament to ingenuity and persistence. These tracks are township battle-heavy beats with chopped and screwed lyrics running in and out of the aural landscape. A mix of nosebleed dub step, drum funk, techno and trap that switches between the genres faster than you can say eclectic. It's music that's all energy. Power drink music. Stay up all night playing games music. Blow up that building music. Fuck the neighbours; this is the Ride of the Valkyries coming over the shrubbery; the ghetto piper at the gate of dawn sending out word that suburbia has fallen. But that Muzi has arrived

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