Face - FaceTime

Big Steve Gee teams up w/ hot new indy artist Face. Face reps his origins proudly by having the flag of Haiti on his cover and heart. Listen to this Zoe as international DJ Big Steve Gee, lays down the hosting.

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1:59 PM March 22, 2014 ptliss said:

telling you dont sleep on that nigga Face, he doin it right now!
1:49 PM March 22, 2014 treseutuo said:

This is how you suppose to do a mixtape. beats, production and lyrics was all BANGINNNNNNN
1:44 PM March 22, 2014 lisainfull said:

Sick mix tape Face, i hope you put out more cuts and Big Steve keep it solid mayne.
1:35 PM March 22, 2014 michaelperr said:

the social network vid was fire brah!
1:32 PM March 22, 2014 karonsimpson said:

Facetime is ILL as ****.good overall mixtape, he got tem lyrics on crack too. hahaha
1:21 PM March 22, 2014 nancyhazel100 said:

1:18 PM March 22, 2014 franklin_juditth said:

his **** is raw as ****. Gotta download
1:12 PM March 22, 2014 ladylucksteele said:

diss is what is missing in rap, some serious flava and a dope MC. Nice Face!

The download will start in seconds