Harvey Dent - Each To Their Own

Young Kid Harvey Dent is one of South Africas and Cape Towns Fastest growing Electronic dj's. With His unique ability to connect with crowds it was only a matter of time before making his own music would come into play.this EP is the product of a 100 days of producing for the first time ever.Each to their own started off as a conversation between three CapeTown DJ's wondering if they would ever be able to make an impact in this Electronic scene. A mix and blend of Garage style, Trap beats and melodic trippy house music. This is, each to their own.

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3:27 PM March 20, 2014 A1ABGSLIM said:

Go check out that Slime Season By Ola Playa... Ft. By Young Scooter, Young Thug, Bloody Jay, & the Memphis 10 legend Playa Fly.. & more a Classic