Cy Kosis - Highs N Lows EP

Featured CLUBTAPES Re-Release

Released 04/01/2014

The Highs n Lows EP is a diverse exploration of hip-hop infused bass music. Channeling a gritty New York sensibility through the sunshine bathed haze of Southern California, this new EP has a little something for everyone. The manic depressive energy of the EP come off surprisingly smooth. It takes influences from boom bap, to dubstep, to twerk, and of course trap, so be ready for a journey through the Cy Kosis soundscape.

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8:28 PM June 20, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

lame af
2:21 PM June 20, 2014 pesh22 said:

12:21 PM April 5, 2014 aRodgAllday024 said:

ooookkk ooookkkk
4:43 AM April 2, 2014 mastamindatl said:

Garbage brainwashing strategy mixtape
6:48 PM April 1, 2014 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

trash tape
2:29 PM April 1, 2014 tillamonsta said:

I'm curious what kind of visuals would accompany this music. TSO
2:27 PM April 1, 2014 tillamonsta said:

killer mixtape, all the tracks shrrrred