Presents #TheCosign

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12:55 PM May 4, 2015 howhighami said:

Tommy up next.
12:42 AM April 21, 2014 TrustInThyMuel said:

Will say I believe there are a few artists that deserve to be on here, but this is a pretty good mashup and representation.
1:59 AM March 28, 2014 PurpDhaGod via Mobile:

No lie Chia #HandsDown got u rap noggahs on here beat
11:19 AM March 19, 2014 Livewire216 said:

No Freeway Boys? Dem Niggaz Go hard seen dey **** on picked up 1 of dey cds 2 **** was better than i thought
5:34 PM March 18, 2014 MR_TAKE_A_FLICK_216 said:

11:02 AM March 18, 2014 kgray357 said:

Ducky so trash I wish they stop hyping dude up, he should stick to fashion.
4:22 AM March 18, 2014 DINER_D_LLA said:

I support this tape s/o all the artist and djs. s/o for the gateway! also go check that CoXdefendent$ & DJ Rod Ohio City out! s/o my squad @djrodcus x @bhen382!
11:04 PM March 17, 2014 Daddylongbread said:

Boss Lucci goin!