Photo Slim - Vito Baby

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12:40 PM May 19, 2014 GUUDYGUUDY said:

Dymen Saute Homie #Bling..205 we live in dis Bihh!!! @DymenGuddy
11:38 AM April 19, 2014 Starbucks205 via Mobile:

#10 baby you gone make it just believe da ****. I feel ya pain bruh keep pushing
11:17 AM April 19, 2014 muziciz said:

+1 nice that video is high quality!!!
9:56 AM April 14, 2014 zone6shawtyatl said:

Photo Slim got this lil hater mad. Keep pushing homie. Somebody looking up to you on the low. Watch yourself he might be gay. Lmao
9:53 AM April 14, 2014 zone6shawtyatl said:

Post yo real name or rap name boy so I can look you up bet you wack and nobody knows you
9:52 AM April 14, 2014 zone6shawtyatl said:

I bet Nintendo86 is rapper in the same city that wants to kill himself cause he isn't popular... Poor child Lmao
9:46 AM April 14, 2014 zone6shawtyatl said:

Nintendo86 I wonder what high school you graduated from cause you dumb as Hell and can't spell Lmao. Tfoh. Dumb *** nigga. You a hater. How can I find you on since you got a career
1:54 PM April 12, 2014 Nintendo86 said:

o and ***** I got money ***** I got a career what YOU DO THOT *** GOT GOING BOPING OFF UNDERGROUND WANNABES