ALIZZZ - Sunshine EP

DJs: Jeffrees
Barcelona-based producer/DJ ALIZZZ is an absolute wizard when it comes to crossing over RnB, indie-pop and jersey club. Having released four EPs over the past two years with an impressive repertoire of remixes and edits along the way, ALIZZZ has been under the watchful eye of the modern music generation for some time now. Supported by likes of Ryan Hemsworth, Baauer, Canblaster, Diplo, Taku, Trippy Turtle and more, his new Sunshine EP epitomizes his unmistakable style and playful production technique. All 4 tracks submerge you into an ocean of melodic RnB vibes, glittery synths and golden rays of jersey club as far as the eye can see. 'Sunshine' is what the theme song of Rainbow Road in Mario Cart should have been, endlessly cheerful with a tinge of 80s soul to flavor the audio. ALIZZZ then brings in Santell on 'I C U' to give us soulful track sugar coated with an irresistible R&B feel. Following suit, 'That Gurl' lays down a futuristic beat underscored by a subtly sexy element of funk. Sunshine is then wrapped up ALIZZZ's ode to lust at first site 'What If,' rounding out the EP with a harmonic, softer jersey club ballad. It's ok, the obsession is mutual.

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