DigWorthy - DigStrumentals 3 (Instrumentals)

DJs: DJ Tati
DJ Tati is here with her third installment of Instrumentals edition of the #DigWorthy Mixtape series. Every Month she will be showcasing various up and coming producers from all over the world. This tape is specially made for rappers and those who enjoy instrumentals. Email DigStrumentals@gmail.com for more info.

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10:25 AM September 29, 2015 greenskulls97 said:

a good good one that tape is on fire !!!
12:33 AM May 1, 2014 Moneybaybee said:

when the next one?
11:09 PM April 14, 2014 deathxx_412 said:

this shyt weak af, you had to be ****ing a dirty bytch when yu came up with bs
1:50 PM March 27, 2014 bballcurtis said:

wooo! I'm bouta kill that trunk knock
9:40 PM March 25, 2014 Joven_Walk said:

Yo bout 6 of the beats will have the whip rockin yo Drumz roll yo beats ridin bruh keep workin
8:35 AM March 23, 2014 deevery said:

im feelin it
12:18 PM March 22, 2014 jamessr said:

1-10, 12-16, 18