LMC - Stay Gold EP

Stay Gold showcases a dope mixture of chilled out vibes and heavy 808 bass lines with variety of different sounds being sampled from as well as evolving his own synth work and instrumentation. Featuring a range of different collaborations with other Eighth Supply producers, Wayvee, DVNGLEz and Elaksi as well as some local New Zealand MC's such as Mikey Ellesmere, Blaze The Emperor and Capital.
The single from Stay Gold, 'Ridin' represents LMC's unique sound which retains elements of his sampling style, courtesy of Janet Jackson which he layers over his own lush instrumentation. The overall vibe of the track shows us a real glimpse of what the 'Stay Gold' EP has to offer.
19 year old, Nelson, New Zealand native, came to us with first with his 'Keep it Hood' Remix which since then he has been honing in is production style and taking his sound to a new direction. LMC's second EP release with us and he definitely delivers and gives us a a dope 6-track bass heavy release.

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