Rick Ross - PurpleMind (Chopped Not Slopped)

They're back at it again, the modern day kings of slowed down music OG Ron C & The Chopstars. DJ Candlestick shows off his skills as usual so u awwwwwready know whut to dew! Po-Up! Cus its going dyne!!! Like they say in the dirty south!

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11:45 AM September 19, 2014 YoungWarrior said:

the intro hard as hell along with the rest of the tracks, you never hear nothing like this from another dj's you would but not much keep rockin' chopstars & the boss u all bosses
3:07 AM April 29, 2014 oakcliffscrewhead via Mobile:

Also here like t_r_j said. But Chopstars also did a bad *** job on Chop Forever.
3:05 AM April 29, 2014 oakcliffscrewhead via Mobile:

For true Screwheads only! Dont listen and talk crap if dont like Screw music. Chopstars always puttin it dyne, not Ross fan but they do it. RIP Screw. SUC 4 Life.
5:27 PM April 8, 2014 debraminkins said:

Jammin' #PurpleMind **** deez hatin azz niggaz who ain't down wit dis Texas shyt #SlowedDown #ScrewedAndChopped #ChoppedNotSlopped
2:26 AM March 29, 2014 popcorn209 said:

black white joint slap
9:06 PM March 27, 2014 GRAVYBABY89 said:

5:36 PM March 27, 2014 Escobaro said:

too many clowns hating, Candlestick killed this ****. Surprised how fast it came out too

Heavy **** never stop Choppin
1:53 PM March 25, 2014 sohotent said:

des **** got my 12s goi hammmmmmmmmm... cleveland ...stcalir 2 b exac... kings