Jack Rank - Dat Ether V.1

Jack Rank known as a big hustla from a small city with nothing but ambition and motivation coursing thru his veins, pouring his blood sweat and tears into every verse and every song nothing less then success would be accepted. Originated from Ocala, Fl a small city just south of Gainsville, Fl he made a choice to take a chance and go after a dream he had since his younger years. Relocated to Atlanta, Ga and linked up with Cool Running DJ's - 'Industries Most Wanted' Ms. Tampa Mystic and put together one of the hottest mixtapes to ever hit da streetz, Dat Ether V.1. For those who've heard it believe it sounds more like an album than a mixtape. When you listen to this tape you cant help but see thru Jacks eyes on this project and feel his passion that was put into his music. He speaks on realistic situations that he has witnessed or experienced in his own life. Jack makes music for the real at heart not the fake, please believe real recognizes real and if your not real you will not understand where this man is coming from. "My music is my story put in words on a beat." Says Jack Rank, Don't knock it until you hear it.

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