Munchi - Vol. 3 Perroo 101

Last month I wrote that I got tired of over polishing everything, which resulted to the Rasterinha project. This month we are going out there friends, way out there: DJ Blass' Reggeton Sex is getting introduced to 2014: Perreo 101! F*ck man, where to even start on this one. I decided to throw everything overboard and do this project. If you are Latino and you grew up on the sounds of Reggeton, you are probably going to have a heartattack rn. This is a project I always wanted to do, ever since I started making music. This shit is something I grew up with and eventually made want to make music - Reggeton. Not just any kind though. It's all about the early 2000's era of Reggeton. DJ Blass was on top of his game with a sound that on one hand sounded extremely cheesy, ripped off all the hits of that era and lacked more than it actually had, but damn, there isn't a thing in the world of music that I love more than this. Rafy, Anqueira, Goldy, Luny Tunes, Tasmania, Dicky, Eliel, DJ Joe, etc. ALL LEGENDS! Blass is the absolute king of Reggeton in my eyes, so you can see this entire project as a dedication to his work. The way the productions always would catch you off guard, the fact that they would have 278982 tracks in 1, the pure randomness/inside jokes of it, the over the top lyrics and just the fun that oozed off the tracks. Genius man, f*cking genius. This is the time that Sean John clothing was present in every Reggeton video, Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam were best friends, the time that Sir Speedy wasn't considered annoying, the time that when Blass put his vocals on the track you would go f*cking apeshit, the era when just about ANYBODY could get away with singing extremely bad and STILL be that dude: S/o to Plan B, Tito el Bambino, Wisin Y Yandel, Zion. I see you man. Now they actually can sing and the productions got cleaned up. It was after this that I started listening to/making other genres. When I eventually found out about Moombahton it was just that - I wanted to start the f*cking sandungueo all over again. These tracks do not pretend to be anything. It's nothing new, no builds, you know all of the overused samples and almost all tracks are around 2 minutes. Here you got 10 tracks to satisfy all your '04 Perreo needs that were long due, even twerkifying your favorite Reggeton tracks just to remind you that you still are in '14. By recording myself, using vocals that got recorded during my stay in Miami in 2012, a lil helping hand of some of my favorite Reggeton artists, and the lovely Frikitona assisting me in bringing 2004 back to reality, becoming my personal Jenny 'La Voz'. I don't think you can imagine how much fun this was making and what an honor it was to work with all these legends who have inspired me so much over the years. I hope you guys digg! It's all about Delay Llama, Plucked!, Golden Crashes and snare switch ups will NEVER DIE!!!

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