High Hopes - Phases

Phases was written and recorded over the course of this past summer in Nashville, Tennessee. The duo had written music together before but had decided to take it one step further during their time together in Tennessee. This album came about quicker than they both expected with new songs and ideas generating every few days. Once the two were able to get a grip on these ideas and turn them into rough drafts the album really began to take shape. Phases is an album that truly depicts it's name with the music it holds. These songs express every emotion and thought that two people, who have been through so much together, feel through out phases of their lives. With Phases, they hope to give insight into their own hearts and minds for every listener. This album marks the beginning of our journey and we have nothing but High Hopes.

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11:01 AM March 26, 2014 050thugz said:

yo wtf man, pls stick to rap, dont post basement projects of sum bf & gf crap 4 **** sake