Hoodrow Trillson - Rasta Blasta EP

Spotted At RunTheTrap.com

Straight out of Bellingham, Washington, electronic duo Hoodrow Trillson are gaining recognition from partiers, ravers, and musicians alike. Comprised of Zach Spiegleman and Cody Smith, Hoodrow Trillson avoids EDM norms and standards by infusing alternative samples, and includes an extremely wide and unique range of influences into their material. In the last year alone, these rising stars have shared the stage with Sub Antix and Diamond Pistols (members of Datsik's label FirePower), Dubstep legends Megalodon and Liquid Stranger, and many more. Recently, they've been invading the ears of EDM listeners with things like their remix of Tiesto's 2010 single 'Work Hard Play Hard', their remix of Zedd's recent release 'Clarity', and club-heating originals like 'Bumbaclot', 'Dope Boy' and 'Trufella Treez. The two juniors at Western Washington University in Bellingham have played out music from the likes of Carl Cox to Clams Casino and don't plan on limiting themselves to one, two, or three genres any time soon. Don't sleep on Hoodrow, as they'll be coming out with some BIG news and releases in the near future! If you are anywhere near the Northwest, the Seattle area or are fortunate enough to be by Bellingham we strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to catch these boys live. While their club nights in town pack dancefloors and hype crowds, best caught rippin up your girlfriends house party, these cats will shut your whole block down.

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