Chick Da Flyest - Resurrection

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12:12 PM September 7, 2014 Luvcleveland216 said:

One of the best artist in Ohio! Period this kid paint picture and tell stories like 2pac,biggie and Jay Z! Nobody making music like this! Salute!!
10:38 PM May 8, 2014 deandrewarr said:

10:37 PM May 8, 2014 deandrewarr said:

Coldest thing since thing since Illmatic somebody pass this to Nashville
12:32 AM April 28, 2014 RAENA said:

I knew 2Pac wasn't dead, he just jumped into a new body! Chick Da Flyest/Pac reincarnated
10:08 PM April 21, 2014 LiviLuv via Mobile:

This mixtape super nice!!!!! Keep it going!!!
8:17 AM April 15, 2014 msjpe1 via Mobile:

Great job!!!
2:35 AM April 15, 2014 beautiful_chick1 said:

king is herre
12:28 AM April 15, 2014 Thesehoesaintloyal1 said:

Black Jesus