Yosef The Soul - Run Away EP

Yosef The Soul is releasing his first EP with us titled 'Run Away'. An amazing 2 track work of art that is pieced together perfectly for your ears to enjoy. Each second, pure EDM gold. With his personal made music video up, it goes to show that Yosef is a creative minded individual. Everything about this EP is all his work.

Hailing from Almeria, Spain, the 20 year old producer is looking to make his mark in music through Kolossus and Neonized Records. Him being our 2nd producer from Spain, he is part of our around the world culture. With remixes from Lana Del Rey, to our very own Sandro, he keeps his music ears open for the next best opportunity to create something different. To put it best, discovering Yosef through our buddy Sandro Jeeawock was one of the best finds we could have obtained.

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