Noisescape. - Healing Vibes EP

Noisescape is an artist that is different from the rest. Ranging his sounds in the direction of distant, ambient, and heavy bass, he is able to create a vibe that is sensual, tense, or party felt. This is truly an undefined artist, whose genre is his own. When he first came to us with the 'Healing Vibes' EP, we knew something was special. This EP has a great emotional story, and message behind it, along with great added production, and sound effects, that illustrates the perfect story lines in this EP. I wasn't sure how people would react since all songs are weird in their own way, but the feedback has been positive so far.' Noisecape. is the alias of germany based producer Fabio L. The idea of the project is too turn heartfelt emotions into songs that are influenced by chillwave, post-rock and beat music, often featuring sampled vocals, guitars and sounds from various items like car doors, keys and breaking glass. With songs said to sound sad and eerie, Noisescape.'s tracks are meant to make one's mind wander, questioning life, death & everything in between while touching the listeners heartstrings." -Noisescape.

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12:38 PM March 27, 2014 WarrenVJ6995 said:

Awesome song for number one!! I like the beat..