Best Thing Smokin 13

DJs: DJ Smallz
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2:46 PM May 18, 2008 420goon said:

mann boosie go hard on dem trackz n real man shldnt have 2 say no homo o gay azz niggaz on dis ish
1:17 PM May 14, 2008 BeEasy said:

Titi Boi murderd Stunt When I See You LITERALLY, glad he is not on the final cut
7:29 PM May 7, 2008 blakrob456 said:

that slick pulla **** is real nice
7:24 PM April 29, 2008 hustlers_ambition703 said:

#21 is bangin pusha t mudered dat hoe
11:58 PM April 5, 2008 lilfresh_305 said:

pimpin telln datr **** 4 real dats ma dog yall need 2 get on dat young dro best thang smokin **** 4 real n u have a ps3
8:47 PM April 4, 2008 jonfac21 said:

and number 23 that young dro thats the new strip club anthem they played that and thme hoes went wild all that money
8:45 PM April 4, 2008 jonfac21 said:

Number 24 that young buck did you hear that beat and thats a sample from that white boy Simply Red but that beat damn who ever did that i bow to them
1:25 PM April 4, 2008 ChrisSchwier said:

this is prolly the best best thang smokin besides the gay *** paul wall and chamillionare ****. (garbage)::::: =))