L.C.B. - Extortion 2

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4:08 PM October 15, 2014 Juqianick said:

Love it LCB keep y'all head up and I promise hall will make it and get out of tk and leave a better life. Love y'all just in a artist way
4:53 PM May 3, 2014 Supaman1993 said:

Nigga i feel u on dis cuzzo... keep ur head up nigga
9:02 AM April 7, 2014 deonwhite said:

Keep it goin!!!
2:21 AM April 1, 2014 wadeparkmoblife via Mobile:

**** hot fellaz
9:25 PM March 31, 2014 Muggalee via Mobile:

Lil Cuz Boys proud of y'all