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Currency - Higher Than 30,000 Feet

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Uploaded 04/01/2008
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12:03 PM May 7, 2017 s11aim via Mobile:

11 I was like WHAT
4:02 PM November 28, 2016 pressureworld said:

There is no excuse for the quality to be so ****ty. The uploader is an idiot!
10:16 PM December 16, 2015 jammielee said:

He put wiz on...dumbassdumbass
2:37 PM December 16, 2015 Qharisma said:

That intro fire without any verses .....
3:48 PM December 23, 2014 Sonny11242 said:

you niggas got too much time on yall hands spitta is the best to have done without a record deal and he don't get credit from the industry so you really think he give a **** about yall comments
5:43 PM August 7, 2014 gsjj82 said:

Caliboy, what is you saying!?! Bwhahahahhaha!!! Who you think put Wiz on Papers? Silly *** nigga
10:58 PM March 2, 2014 caliboy86 via Mobile:

Fell off!!! Ur a wack lame. Ill break ur face boy wooooooo boy cant step to real west coast gs
10:56 PM March 2, 2014 caliboy86 via Mobile:

F uck what alll u d umb f ucks got **** in your ears this lame talks straight dumb ****. And foo u aint no real smoker quit riding wiz khalifas wave