Matti Baybee - Young Legend 2


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8:44 PM April 7, 2014 nb72792 said:

shooti24 has a good point doe. Turn up lil matti
9:46 PM April 5, 2014 RegentDevil said:

Lil man doing it
4:52 PM April 5, 2014 334ajmane said:

Dat 10I7 nigga
2:24 PM April 4, 2014 murkawicz said:

too much autotune. sounds like pop music.
1:16 PM April 4, 2014 7225 said:

**** the hater.the **** sound good,keep them
6:56 PM April 3, 2014 ScotianLotion said:

haha... I knew 1017thug had sum hidden bull**** goin on... always getin all emotional n runnin his mouth like a ***** for no reason
8:58 PM April 2, 2014 shootie24 said:

Somebody and Mula go stupid HAM. From the Nap to Chiraq, keep grindin lil bro and you gonna be on top soon. Keep your craft and stay in your own lane, cant nobody knock oringinality.
8:57 PM April 2, 2014 shootie24 said:

This is the **** for real. This dude 16 and making better music than most dudes out of chi town. Shoutout Matti Baybee and YLMG, GLO GANG, n Lawless. We ****s with u lil Homie, TurnUp!