Ahmed - Everything Take Time

Ahmed Washington better known in the streets as"Med" or "Ga Best Rapper" started his journey in the rap game when he was 13 years old growing up on a lot of old school and reality rappers such as 2pac, Nas, Scarface etc freestyle battling was his start to becoming “GA Best Rapper.” and it came natural to him with him being an honor roll student in school he soon battled dudes twice his age smashing opponents from the traps/blocks to school to eventually the club scene anywhere a crowd would be and was crowned by Club Illusions in 2003 as "The Freestyle King". After the numerous years of being the champion to various freestyle battles, Med started releasing his first albums at 19. Med released “Certified” in 2005, “The Truth Right Here!” in 2008(available on itunes right now), “Real Nigga Music” in 2010, and the latest “Everything Take Time” in 2014. From 2005-2013 Ahmed lost his mother, father, 2 uncles,grandparents and lost 2 cousins to murder and almost lost his life 2010 to gun violence so his music is reality passionate street music with knowledge political principles with incredible flow as well as morals... Even though he's no stranger to this rap game, Med feels exactly like his 2011 locally smash hit song that stormed South Ga radio stations “Go Ham!” he is about to do just that! Raised by Annie Joyce Washington from Valdosta Ga and Malik Shabazz from Brooklyn NY, they helped him to become the man that he is today. Med has four brother and three sisters that support him in everything that he does. Born and raised in a small side of town,West Valdosta Georgia, Med has earned the respect of many of his peers and he does not plan on stopping! Ahmed means "The 1 To Come" which explains why he needs no alias and feel he is here to stay forever....

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