Bahia Bass Part 1

The Braza stamp continues the mission to show show the face of Brazilian electronic music, taking the focus of the Rio-Sao Paulo. In the third installment, makes a visit in Bahia and shows the new face of Pagode Baiano, the Afros and Axes blocks, of Axe Music, Samba de Roda of the Reconcavo, all influenced by Bass Culture or as co-curator - Mauro TelefunkSoul, collective and collective Pragatecno Crokant - Flame of Bahia Bass. Bahia's electronic music scene, began to have more strength in 1999 and 2000 with the collective Soonoomoon, specialists in Trance Music and the Collective Pragatecno, facing the line of Club Music. Soon after when the drum'n'bass and break beat then took care of EDM, Bass Music scene began to gain more body. One of the DJs who influenced the era with a mixture of Bahian culture with bass music was the DJ Rascal, who did a song with the African Parade and Mariene Castro attended the Cleveland Mc Wattkiss called 'Made in Bahia.' Now in the twenty-first century, the first producer to mix the Bahian pagode with bass culture was the sound Peba and then one of the guys that 'bahia bass' is the double A.MA.SSA which comes released several songs and calling media attention . The Bahian pagoda has a reference ghetto music as appears in the outskirts of Salvador, as well as Arrocha and other popular rhythms. The adjustment made to the EP is the inclusion of elements of electronic music and bass lines, while the essence of Bahian culture. This song is an adaptation of music from the outskirts of Bahia which has the Pagode Baiano, the Arrocha and Axe. Using these rhythms, the songs of this genre Bahia Bass is well loaded and Bahian percussion influence of factors such as the berimbau . He also has good vocals and Brazilian little influence from outside. Check it out and learn more of this new and little known culture of Bahia and discover a little more of Brazilian electronic music.

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5:43 PM June 9, 2017 FlexMax2016 said:

AMAZING !!! Very very nice 10/10 Pkt.