Lil Herb - Welcome To Fazoland (NoDJ)

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11:38 AM April 22, 2019 1JUGGMAN via Android App:

I done lost so many niggaz man sum dead sum in jail gotta get this muney
10:34 PM May 18, 2018 locc18 via Mobile:

6:08 PM March 7, 2017 charley36 via Mobile:

All my niggas
8:54 PM December 29, 2016 Kingfresh_100 via Mobile:

Classic **** rns
6:55 PM January 24, 2016 chrisj9575 via Mobile:

Momma I'm sorry realist **** ever ! 🔥💯
10:21 AM February 17, 2015 ypool43 said:

I need some more songs. This all old already, I need some drunk songs, weed songs. Songs with hoes are no goes.
1:39 PM February 15, 2015 ThaB00tyGod via Mobile:

Wtf why this score so low? This the mixtape of the year i swear naw the mixtape of the decade, i **** wit this everday since it came out
11:46 PM December 29, 2014 Matown said:

Lil Herb need to stop bull****tin and do a collabo with EBK juvie he on the come up and the only real savage who rap from NLMB.