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Spiff Kidz - On The Road To Success

DJs: DJ B-Lord
On The Road to Success (OTRTS) will be the First installment of mix tapes for the Spiff Kid. This mix tape involves great South Carolina producers and known independent artist. It makes you feel good about yourself, and music is all about feeling. This project gives you a intuitive listen about the things they encountered while becoming Southern stars. Adding more substance and star power, DJ-B Lord will be adding the finishing touches to this project, along with some familiar names coming through to check in.

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11:34 PM May 6, 2014 039danta said:

U like this I know something that's dope af fella t god city omg I'm glad I came past that tape man dope beats lyrics crazy good he got some radio ready **** man
2:37 AM April 25, 2014 smrdabest said:

They needa get some catchier beats n flows tho. Some real radio-ready ****. They don't play NO good music on the radio no more. The **** is dumbed down on purpose.
9:28 AM April 23, 2014 poloz1 said:

these kids r kinda spiffy
5:31 PM April 17, 2014 tlewis1906 via Mobile:

This mixtape aint bad like expected . #22 is that quavo migo flo doe
#3,#5,#13 mite b my favorites
5:05 PM April 17, 2014 ImanSanderson said:

Support these boys , they have good quality music and they repping South Carolina !!!!!! #OTRTS
1:31 PM April 16, 2014 Spinat said:

Where are these guys from!!???
1:17 PM April 16, 2014 Guraway said:

Dollatown south cak THAT 843 !!!!
1:17 PM April 16, 2014 eevaimie8Boo said:

Got to put all my dawgs from school on this tape, salute yall spiffz