The Aphilliates & Georgia Durt Present: Bohagon - The Power Move

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3:52 PM November 2, 2010 MizzouReezy said:

you already know what it is.
7:50 AM September 19, 2010 oldatlanta said:

Man, let me get sum NASA money so I can sky rocket this nigga out of here, this nigga is the **** point blank, I got cha homie.
5:04 AM August 17, 2010 bigboispank said:

Yo dis ma nigga Georgia Durt, Rivaside Ent, Columbus,Talbotton all dat ****.
4:17 PM April 4, 2010 thacure2001 said:

2:30 PM October 30, 2009 MixKy said:

Man this some some staight true **** i need to dowmnoad this ****
8:43 AM May 22, 2008 tinabutter said:

yea he better off underground doe wayne was way hotter when he was on the low
2:06 PM May 15, 2008 ghost45 said:

Thyz Nigga Bohagon Is THe UnderGround Secret Aint Nobody ****in Wit hym HEs The Truth
2:29 PM May 2, 2008 theworm912 said:

why has this nigga not blown up yet? he's killin waynes new ****