Marsh Sound - Climate EP

Adventure time, Avatar the last airbender, Ba-kuura, Kodak to graph, Bruno mars, & Peaches are all sampled in this creative EP. Marsh Sounds is known for bringing his warm, wet, plush sounds to the table.
With track one, Swampfoot, if you're not blown away you've lost your mind. From percussions, to bass, pan sampling, as well as your favorite shows placed in a loving three and a half minute song, you have to respect the cunning innovative artistry that is, Marsh Sound's.
"Well, It started out with 'Marketplace'. I was just trying to get used to using Ableton 9 on a macbook after using ableton 8 on a pc for the past year. The whole ep was really just me trying to learn how to use plugins and effects that I had never really touched in the past. 'Emerald & Ivory' was meant to be a single, but when swampfoot started coming together, I realized that the 3 tracks kinda shared a fun energy; almost immature at times and I thought that vibe would be the perfect way to represent the progress I have been making with learning all these new production methods. Sometimes I would forget to have fun while I was learning and thats not good. Definitely did not want that to show in the music.

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