Jon Connor - A Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G.

DJs: DJ Khaled
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12:24 PM October 15, 2015 altonboomerjr said:

I agree wit nyneshellshoc,i been telling cats for a min that tito and jon are both incredible. all this b.s. that's out right now is ridiculous.. They are the true meaing of MCs!!!
4:15 PM August 27, 2014 nyneshellshoc said:

Jon Connor, Tito Lopez. Those two alone are the next generation, the generation that will save hip hop and they both under Dre's guidance.
2:58 AM July 1, 2014 t_r_j said:

Wrecking beats as usual
3:14 PM April 20, 2014 cuzzo314 said:

Hardest mixtape out this month and yall got it under indy smfh vote up
12:56 AM April 18, 2014 Djwhookid10 via Mobile:

How they put him in Indy .. He singed to DR DRE
7:49 PM April 17, 2014 KingDB4 via Mobile:

B.I.G the hardest