Mr. Lucci - Deep Off In The Game

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11:39 PM November 2, 2016 Rougareal216 via Mobile:

Still putting on Lu ..fucc wit me bru ..**** a Hater
7:08 AM February 24, 2016 MoneyMason21 via iOS App:

Nawf dallas forest lane str8 up ima put on for ya
8:40 AM August 5, 2015 jodyblo105 said:

****ing haters keep it going lu
10:09 AM June 22, 2014 Junbug530 said:

Fake rapper bro
Piece of **** will never make it
4:54 AM June 14, 2014 CoeshiaRR said:

Luvly Mr.Lu Diamond,hope to see u again one of these days
1:51 AM May 30, 2014 CollinsConnect said:

12:59 AM May 8, 2014 richroyal09 said:

Mr. Lucci he be comin up the block, on slabs Breakin *****es off and it don't stop, no doubt
1:33 PM May 6, 2014 williemack11 said:

i ****s with tha wig splitting loco that a good title to an album for the people ****s wit bra