50 Gates Verses (Kevin Gates)

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1:57 PM February 27, 2016 jason7844 said:

m lil bit high n thaught its 50 cent v/s gates
lesson learnt - RELAXCOF really had codeine in it.
6:02 AM April 29, 2014 popasmurf225 said:

This Gates Old Music Still Nice doe
10:37 AM April 22, 2014 Soselfish101 via Mobile:

Reality rap not trap rap gates living that life not jus rhymeing words ..!!BWA!!GATES!! IM IN NAPTOWN BUT KG IS THE ONLY NIGG THAT WORTH LISTENING TO
8:53 AM April 20, 2014 smokedogg989 said:

Gates has a unique style. One of the only trap rappers I can bear listening to.
6:27 AM April 20, 2014 tmacthagreat said:

that is 1 real interview with sway. /respect to kevin gates
4:43 AM April 20, 2014 hati337 said:

For all you people who don't know who gates Is here is the coldest rapper out listen he go in... Louisiana stand up
2:55 AM April 20, 2014 Soselfish101 via Mobile:

Watch how many artist going to do the same thingthey did with this tape

1:18 AM April 20, 2014 richardjohnson said:

bang 3 **** niggas