THE NBHD - #000000 & #FFFFFF

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9:49 PM December 12, 2014 daville1 said:

I was sleepin on this. Very creative from the name to the cover
9:31 AM December 10, 2014 thekingofMARYLAND said:

mannnnn dj drama is so annoying now.. messed up a good tape i could even vibe out without hearing his wack tags
6:26 PM December 7, 2014 SeanSchelb91 via Mobile:

U&I sound like some Justin Timberlake tho smh
6:24 PM December 7, 2014 SeanSchelb91 via Mobile:

Kinda gotta PND thing going on. I can dig it.
3:56 PM December 6, 2014 Souljah_K6 said:

Dj Drama And don cannon Just waisted to whole tape ....
10:33 AM December 4, 2014 7225 said:

too much talking just let us hear the song
6:53 PM December 3, 2014 theoster said:

this is hot as F word
8:58 AM December 3, 2014 rjgarza said:

Kinda like it, but those DJ drops all over the tape make it a pass. Love the OG RON C version of their I Love You album, though.

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