813 - XOXO EP

Spotted At Mad Decent's Website

Summertime starts early for Russia's futuristic beatsmith 813. His latest EP on Jeffrees is the soundtrack to an infinite waterslide in a Nintendo 64-bit world. 'XOXO' starts off the release with hype-inducing chord stabs, that builds and drops with more energy than a new born baby could fathom. If you made an apple pie in 2046 and set it on your window sill, birds would come by and whistle the first 32 bars to "Thank You", it is a timeless positive motivator that suddenly hits you with a dry hump in the fetal position 'Jersey drop. Once you make your way back to your feet you're just in time for 'Prpl Drunc' a sort of reprise to 'XOXO' that leaves you on the beach with a MaiTai while your snorkel and fins dry by the sunset.

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