Sen City - Schemin & Dreamin (Hosted By Duke Da God)

DJs: DJ Scream
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7:18 PM May 2, 2014 scrillaboyny said:

Keep doing your thing seen **** these haters we listening niggas bubbling loving your raps
9:08 AM May 2, 2014 hnic2014 said:

Max is away but sen been on this flow. Keep doing ya thing sen!
3:55 PM May 1, 2014 7225 said:

to much intro,talking,no rapping
3:29 AM May 1, 2014 jetlifers said:

idk what these niggas talkin about i like this ****. it aint for u trao music down south niggas.
8:51 AM April 30, 2014 nuttyfiddle said:

Put the mic down and step away your not a good rapper
12:38 AM April 30, 2014 Brendan_Smith said:

aint hatin but the chorus for cocaine sounds the same as melody from zros' "rain" like come on bro be original
9:16 AM April 29, 2014 nuttyfiddle said:

This is suppose to be max b replacement lol his flow is so ****ty he sounds like a kid who can't read when he raps he will never make it
9:14 AM April 29, 2014 nuttyfiddle said:

Garbage this dude sucks I love New York rap but this is bad he try's to sound like the south to much and to be in dip set and have bad sound quality come on