C4 - Finally Detonated

Cruz Cortez Nunn b.k.a C4 born and raised in Mississippi, in a little town called Booneville, in a four bed room apartment known as Sunflower Housing Project apt 9A. C4 started hustling at the age of twelve when his uncle would leave his dope with him after a long day of hustling and trusted me to hide it for him until the next morning. Taking from him little by little to add up my own to get on, was just how it went for me and that was just the start of something epic. C4 was locked up for the first time at the age of seven, teen for possession of cocaine with intent. He made a hundred thousand dollar bond the next day and came home to find that my safe and work was taken and that the streets was really cold even towards me. Out just a few more months before catching what would be his second charge of possession with intent to sell and held in county jail until his sentence started, he was forced to settle in at a Youth Correctional Facility by the name of "Walnut Grove Correctional Center". It was there that he discovered the art of writing with a brother from Jackson, Ms. by the name of Lil a.k.a Major Playa. They called themselves the “dope boy and the jack boy” because C4 sold dope and Lil Dave robbed for a living. Released after six months, but locked right back up within nine with a ten year sentence for leaving the state, which was a violation of his probation made him serve four in a half years on his new ten year sentence. It was there that he told himself “once released I will take my rap vision to another level and that’s just what he did!” C4 now releases his “Finally Detonated” WRNR mixtape with none other than Bigga Rankin. Bigga fit exactly what C4 envisioned for the DJ to share his story. Bigga is the Streets A&R and known to support the independent hustlers like no other. You are in for a massive journey through sound, with the mixing expertise of 250 Plus Productions. Press Play, Vote, and Download for C4 and his very first Real Ni66a Radio project.

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