Lil Flip - Timeless 3

DJs: Sam Hoody
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2:17 AM March 22, 2017 benderzap via Mobile:

Nigga sit ya *** the **** down... **** T LIE ALL HAIL FLIP
8:06 PM July 20, 2014 specialsprite85 said:

He can't **** wit tip on that rap **** and he played himself trying to but far as the streets go they both 1 in the same
8:04 PM July 20, 2014 specialsprite85 said:

When he blew up it was mainly atlanta niggas and other areas of the south that was supporting that **** not Houston.
8:04 PM July 20, 2014 specialsprite85 said:

It was mostly niggas in Houston cosigning ti when they was beefing till niggas found out tip was a hoe too. Niggas been stop ****ing wit flip.
7:55 PM July 20, 2014 specialsprite85 said:

@youngboi81 ti sissy *** ain't kill flip career flip killed his own career cuz he's trash he would've never lasted anyway
10:59 PM June 14, 2014 Mcrem said:

1,4,5,13,14 good... but flip think he starlito... LMAO
1:43 PM May 11, 2014 Youngboy81 said:

This sh*t is garbage. Only dudes that bigging this dude up, is n8gg@s from Houston. This dude is stuck in the early 2000's. He been played out. T.I killed his career.
11:50 AM May 11, 2014 wilmagibson551 said:

i swear niggaz on here aint trynna give props to my boi ,but they know he killed this mixtape doe.