Davoodi - Booty Bang EP

DJs: Jeffrees
Spotted At MadDecent.com

Davoodi caught our attention when he ripped apart two Major Lazer remixes, and now he’s returned with some crazy original material that we’re excited to bring you on Jeffree’s! His EP features two brand new tracks including 'Booty Bang' (plus the original tekstyle version) and 'Big Ol’ Booty (feat. Mystique)'. Always pushing the boundaries of dance music with his signature take on hard style, Davoodi elevates everything to the next level with 'Booty Bang' by adding in a bunch of catchy vocals and a dirty south drum kick. Up next, 'Big Ol’ Booty' is the perfect example of where Davoodi is pushing his sound, crunching synching and banging drums in a way no one has flipped before. Huge EP from Davoodi bout’ Booty’s for you and yours!

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